The history of Braille Cards Dot Com began with a meeting between two friends; one sighted and one blind. The blind friend wanted to provide greeting cards that were available in Braille and other raised images since 1976. The sighted friend wanted to be able to send his blind friend an accessible braille card that he could re-read over and over again without the assistance of a reader.

On March 4, 2000, in Lamar, Missouri, Bob Varney had the idea to produce braille greeting cards.  Using AT&T dial up internet service, Patrick J. Fischer purchased and registered the domain BrailleCards.com.  Later that month Braillecards, LLC was created and what started out as an idea became Bob's dream come true. 

From Bob's idea, Braille Cards has grown and now is part of the Braille Mission where we manage the Braille Guide Fund from the proceeds of the sale of Braille Art and other products which include Braille.  

The idea to combine Art, Text and Braille in an art piece was created in 2008.  This art is called Braille Art, the Art you Touch.  The full collection of Braille Art can be seen and purchased at the Braille Art website: Braille Art  You can also purchase Braille Art at our Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/brailleart.  Please Like US and Share.

The last few years many braille transcribers have retired, and those jobs were not replaced.  In order to bring more people into employment transcribing text into braille, a new line of Braille Art has been made.  With this new Braille Art, comes a new mission which is to take proceeds (20 Percent) from the sale of each Braille Art piece sold and fund the Braille Guide Fund.

The Braille Guide Fund will provide the technology neeeded to learn braille.  In addition it will help the individual with enrollment into the national program to become certified. 

Please visit our other websites which are part of the Braille Mission and support the Braille Guide Fund.